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Bellman v4.2

For Android phone

Bellman serves as a time announcer on your Android phone.

  1. Shake your phone along with horizontal when screen is closed to report time in voice.

  2. Click Play button doubly to report time in voice on headset. 

  3. Chimes hourly, half-hourly or quarterly.

  4. Alarm clock featured with unlimited alarms, countdown starting, music ringtone, speaking time voice, various repeat cycles.


Autostart v1.1

For Android phone

To make an application running automatically when the phone starts, even it is installed on SD card.


AutoFlight v6.5

For Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.x

It is a great utility and few resource occupied software for Windows Mobile device.

Firstly, it is a time switch for flight mode, wifi, bluetooth, call firewall, call forwarding, profiles, reset, power off phone, starting program or even any regular operating process( replaying a macro file recorded by MacroRecorder program ).

Secondly, It is a unique mini Big Ben clock because it is capable of announcing o'clock with voice or chime. The voices sequences can be customized by user.

Thirdly, it is a time speaker because it is capable of speaking time at any moment by pressing hotkey. You need not see screen to get time in darkness, you can hear of time. The voices sequences can be customized by user.

Fourthly, ......


Nine Way Keypad v2.5

All Windows Mobile Smartphone/Standard

It is a Smartphone common flaw that the five-way navigation keypad is too small to operate. its miniature degree can cause misoperation frequently. Therefore, NineWayKeypad software has provided one kind of solution: The user can switch the function of keyboard between characters and navigation. Moreover, under navigation function status, there are additional editing functions: Select text, Copy text, Paste text and switch between another editing keys (Page Up, Page Down, Home, End) and additional directions (Left Up, Right Up, Left Down, Right Down). 


MacroRecorder v2.0

All Windows Mobile Smartphone/Standard

MacroRecorder records and re-runs any operating process on Smartphone/Standard device easily. A recorded operating process is saved as a macro file. It is created a shortcut menu item in Start Menu automatically. So, it is re-run only by choosing a Start Menu item. If the menu item is assigned with a speed dial key, then only pressing once a key to re-run the operating process. Further more, it can be scheduled at specified time by AutoFlight program to re-run the operating process automatically.

New features:

  • A shortcut of macro file can be assigned an icon among ten icons.

  • A macro file can be modified by editing, inserting, appending as well as deleting items.


Inputshow v2.1

For Windows 9x,ME,XP,2002,2003

It is a unique teaching tool for teachers to show clicking mouse and typing keyboard on screen under any complicated operation circumstance that can broadcast to students in a classroom via network or projector. It is also a great onscreen keyboard for any person who prefers typing with point device such as mouse, tablet pen, touch screen, trace ball, and so on, rather than keyboard. As an onscreen keyboard program, it is different from other one that not only its functions are almost as same as device keyboard but also its surface may be customized to accord with the appearance of student's device keyboards in the classroom if he/she is a teacher. Furthermore, it can focus on any style edit field correctly.

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