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Version 6.5.3


It is a great utility and few resource occupied software for Windows Mobile device.

Firstly, it is a time switch for flight mode, wifi, bluetooth, call firewall, call forwarding, profiles, reset, power off phone, starting program or even any regular operating process( replaying a macro file recorded by MacroRecorder program ).

Secondly, It is a unique mini Big Ben clock because it is capable of announcing o'clock with voice or chime. The voices sequences can be customized by user.

Thirdly, it is a time speaker because it is capable of speaking time at any moment by pressing hotkey. You need not see screen to get time in darkness, you can hear of time. The voices sequences can be customized by user.

Fourthly, it also is an easy used alarm. AutoFlight provides an easy interface to set multiple alarms with different wave sounds and customized title.

Last, it can lock keypad automatically and unlock keypad or phone by pressing one key.

Content & Features:

  • Switches Flight mode on/off at specified time.
  • Switches WiFi on/off at specified time.
  • Switches Bluetooth on/off at specified time.
  • Turns power off at specified time.
  • Switches Call Firewall at specified time.
  • Switches Call Forwarding at specified time.
  • Soft resets at specified time.
  • Switches profiles at specified time.
  • Runs/Opens a program/document, include macro file of MacroRecorder for Smartphone, at specified time.
  • Endues Calendar with functions listed above.
  • Reports time
    • Reports time hourly
    • Reports time immediately by double clicking specified hotkey.
  • Sets alarms.
  • Locks keypad automatically and unlocks keypad or phone by pressing only one key. Note, these functions depends on type of device.
  • Schedule can be set at any period.

About version 6.5 changes:

  • Introduce a new task type, that is Call Firewall, to block unwanted incoming calls at any specified time.

  • For Pocket PC/Professional device version, as same as Smartphone/Standard one, has a hotkey to speaking time at any time, any screen state (lock/unlock).

  • The way of customizing speaking time hotkey has been simplified to selecting an item in a list box.

  • For first time installing, the default speaking time hotkey is End key, but not Volume UP key as previous Smartphone device version.

  • Now, to set/change a task, it can be selected from main screen by Up/Down keys, or, tapping on main screen for Professional device, then select Schedule in Menu items to display the task settings on Schedule screen directly. For PocketPC/Professional device, it is easier to do, just only double tapping the task item on main screen.

  • To flip main screen pages, please click Left/Right keys, but not Up/Down keys as previous version. For PocketPC/Professional device, support touch gesture, move a finger across the screen from right to left horizontally to next page, and from left to right to previous page.

  • No longer support Windows Mobile 2002, 2003 and 2003SE.

User's manual



All previous version registered user can free upgrade to the new version by email with informations such as user name, register date, buying ID, device owner name and so on.

System requirements:

  • Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone and Pocket PC.
  • Windows Mobile 6.x Standard and Professional.

Buy it:  $12.59

Free Download: 

Version 6.5 for Smartphone/Standard:

EXE file---  


CAB file--- + InstallCert.exe(if it is the first time to install AutoFlight)
Note: For Smartphone/Standard device, it must be installed Privileged Development Code-signing certificate to run AutoFlight program. The EXE installation file include this certificate but CAB file not. If it is your first time to install the software, you have to run EXE installation file from desktop PC, or InstallCert.exe after/before installing CAB file.

Version 6.5 for Pocket PC/Professional:

EXE file--- 


CAB file---


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